New way for parent to lose weight!!!! ( Haven posted on December 28th, 2014 )

Parents I know you want to lose weight but dont have the time but these are products that will help get there!!!

Kids are great but they dont give so much time for anything else. Dont get me wrong they are a blessing but at the same time you dont want to sacrifice your health and fitness for it. I see so many parents how are out of shape after having kids this goes for both men and women. Of course your kids are top priority and you need to take care of them but you can also be in great shape too. You got to think about you are your kids role model and at least you want to be and how great of an example your kids see you with muscle and six pack abs instead of a gut. Remember it starts with you and you cant tell you kids to exercise if they dont see you doing it. Now you ask yourself how can I get in shape with the little hours I do have for myself? Well the good news is that there are dvds and equipments that can help you like the venus factor, fat loss factor and the flex belt. All three of these products will get you in the shape you want to be. What is great about the venus factor and fat loss factor is that they both teach you how to live healthy. It is not about a diet you do until you see the results you want instead it is about getting and staying slim. The flex belt is an ab belt that will tone your abs on your off days. What makes this great is that you dont need to do anything and just but that belt and on and let it do its magic.

For more info about these products check out what is the venus factor reviews, what is the fat loss factor review and flex belt review does it work or scam

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New School Rpgs ( Haven posted on September 26th, 2014 )

One of the new school rpgs which is Dark Souls and I am having a blast playing it

Right now I am playing Dark Souls 2 which is a breath of fresh air in the era of easy games made for the casual players. When I started playing Dark Souls I cant lie I died a lot and it felt good. Finally I am playing a game that reminds me of games back in the Nintendo game where it was a challenge and trail and error, where you had to figure out how to beat the game instead of the game telling you how to beat the game. What makes Dark Souls even more fun is how you can compete against other players in PVP.

You can see how good you are fighting against some of the best Dark Souls players. If you want to compete with the best players you will need to build a great character and that does take some trail and error but luckily with Soul Vessel you can reset your character until you find a build you like. If you know how to farm soul vessel then you can reset your character over and over again. If you want the best builds in Dark Souls 2 then you need to know what you want first and then when you do you can start competing against other players.

the moonlight greatsword

I will admit when I started playing Dark Souls 2 pvp I died a lot because the competition is very high and people who play Dark Souls knows what they are doing and it took some time before I started to rack up some wins. Although Dark Souls can be tough but it is more of a trail and error game which takes time to get use to and not a game that will hold your hand it is either you sink or swim and thats why i love it.

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The new school of working out ( Haven posted on September 26th, 2014 )

The new way to work out and get in better shape

does mi40x work

Working out is important for your physical and mental health and it is something everyone need to do but the problems is that not everyone knows how to workout. Many people try to workout but even after years they still dont see the results they want. The main reason why is that most people think that getting in shape is about going to the gym and lift weights or running on the treadmill which will hurt your knees. Some people will try to go online and search for how to get in shape but they will just get lost in the jungle we call the internet.

timthumb (1)

Right now there are DVDs  that will help you get in shape by giving you info on how the pros do it. The DVDs are Muscle Maximier, MI40x and The Venus Factor for the ladies. What the first DVDs do is teach men on how to grow their muscle in a natural and right way. Dont worry about the DVDs telling you have to take some supplement from GNC or Vitamin Shop instead they teach you to work out and manipulate your body to grow without using man made chemicals.

how good is mi40??

These DVDs are made by professional who get in shape for a living and compete and these are the best guys to learn from. When it comes to the venus factor they are a dvds for women to lost weight the right way by increasing their metabolism and keeping the weight off. The Venus Factor is a DVD made by doctors who has studied the woman’s body and how it burns fat. After their studies they know how to manipulate the body to burn that fat. If you are looking to burn fat you should at least look into Muscle Maximizer, Mi40x and The Venus Factor

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